After saving your progress, closing the game, and reopening it you may experience an error (0xc0000005) which states that the hp6.exe has stopped responding.

I started with some investigative work (Googling) however I couldn’t find a single fix for this issue hence this post.

I fired up ProcMon (which can be found here) and started browsing through the entries. One particular entry mentioned a missing file titled pensieve.vp6 within the movies\neutral sub-folder of the installation directory.

Within that directory there are numerous movie files so all I did at this point was copy an existing .vp6 file and rename it pensieve.vp6.

Hey presto! Now working perfectly.

It’s worth noting that your installation directory may differ. Just right click on the HP desktop shortcut and click Open File Location which will take you straight there. Look within movies\neutral for the missing .vp6 file.

Hope this helps.

One thought on “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (PC) – Crash Fix

  1. Can you please give me a link to where you downloaded the game from? My download folder does not have a ‘movies’ folder.
    Thank you!

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