I’ve been involved in a few migrations now where businesses move from an on-prem solution such as SBS 2011 to Office 365. The migration is fairly painless depending on the route you choose to take however one of the biggest pains seems to be creating an online shared directory to replace traditional network file shares.

As of now I believe the way you’re supposed to do this is by creating a site within SharePoint and then syncing the documents folder of that site with each user that requires access using OneDrive. I have documented the steps below. If there is a better way of doing this then please share!

  1. Log into Office 365
  2. Click SharePoint
  3. Click Create Site
  4. Select Team Site
  5. Enter a site name
  6. Leave the rest of the settings
  7. Click Next
  8. Add owners/members if required
  9. Your new site should open (Or click on your new site)
  10. Click Documents (on the left)
  11. Click Sync to sync with local PC

If you encounter issues when syncing with OneDrive then remove any existing accounts and set it up again from scratch selecting Work or School instead of Personal. Sign in with your Office 365 account.

Keen to know if there is a better solution out there.



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