Copy the installation media locally and launch the sequencer with the EnablePVADControl parameter

Load a sequencing template if you have one – here’s a copy of the one I use

Ensure sequencer is clean and ready i.e. no restarts pending/previous packages captured etc.

Select the installer

Enter name and PVAD  – C:\System-Tools_Hyena_12.5.0_001A

Click Next

Enter the installation directory C:\System-Tools_Hyena_12.5.0_001A

Allow time for installation to complete

Tick the checkbox and click Next

Run Hyena

Enter the registration info

Click OK

Open RegEdit – Browse to HKCU\Software\Adkins Resource\Hyena\Win32 and set AskForNewsletterSignup to 1

Create a key under HKCU\Software\Adkins Resource\Hyena\Advanced called DisableUpdateChecker and set to 1

Click Next

Continue to modify package if you want to clean up further or modify shortcuts etc otherwise save the package

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