There are various forums and websites around with information on this however I thought I’d share a step by step guide I created.

      1. Download JRE 8u91 x86 and run it on the sequencer VM
      2. Browse to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Oracle\Java\hre1.8.0_91 and copy the msi to C:\1
      3. Cancel the Java setup
      4. Launch the sequencer with the following command
      5. Open the sequencer and add the following path to the exclusions
      6. Click on Create New App-V Package then Create Package (default)
      7. Click Next
      8. Click Next
      9. Select custom installation and click next
      10. Enter a name and a PVAD which we’re NOT going to use
      11. Now run the msi using the following command. Give it some time to complete.
      12. Once complete, create the following registry key
      13. Create another registry key
      14. Use notepad (run as administrator) to edit the document under this location
      15. Add these two lines to the bottom and save
      16. Check I am finished installing and click Next
      17. Click Next
      18. Click Next
      19. Click Next
      20. Select Continue to modify package… and click Next
      21. IMPORTANT – Ensure this folder is set to override the local directory. This ensures that another other versions of Java (packaged or local) do not take priority over this version.
      22. IMPORTANT – Ensure write permission to the VFS is permitted. Allows the package to write the deployment.config file back to the VFS.

Group Policy

Get the Class ID of the Java Add-Ons by going into IE and Manage Addons.

Now create a Group Policy or create a new one and go to

Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Security Features\Add-on Management

Open the Add-on List GPO and pick Enabled then click Show

In the Value Name put the copied Class ID followed by a 2 in the next field.

0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled (user can’t edit), 2 = Enabled (user can edit)



4 thoughts on “Sequencing Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8u91 with App-V 5.1

  1. Nice post buddy

    Im trying to virtualize 8.65

    I have a recipe made up of alot of various sources. The server that the JRE add-in communicates with doesn’t seem to recognize that 8.65 is installed. I get the message “The required jre is not installed or the server or the site is not trusted bla blah”

    Any Ideas ??



    1. Hi Sean,

      Apologies, I missed this post amongst the hundreds of spam messages submitted!

      I’m not sure if this is still an issue but if it is I’d suggest running Procmon to check what files/reg keys the server is looking for. I’m not sure how the server it communicates with performs the detection but perhaps that process isn’t able to see within the virtual bubble.

      Happy to help if you’re still having issues.



  2. Hi ANT,
    nice Post!!
    I have various Questions:
    Will you sequencing this as Middleware?
    Can i publish these Package as User
    What is the Reason for the PVAD switch at Sequencer launch?

    Cheers Stephan

    1. Hi Stephan,

      Thank you! I didn’t sequence as middleware, I just sequenced as a Standard Application.

      Yes, you can publish this to user. It was a while back I did this but if you have any trouble let me know.

      The PVAD switch allows you to specify the Primary Virtual Application Directory as per step 10. This is usually hidden.



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